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We provide strategic and effective tax planning so you're not paying any more than you should. As your CPA we want to do everything we can to give you well thought out tax advice in a plan that is implemented throughout the tax year and not when the tax return is prepared. We achieve this goal of saving you taxes by having in place our structured Intelligent Business Management (IBM) program, wealth management program, on-going client interaction, and personalized understanding of your unique situation.

Over the years, we have saved our client's hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes by identifying and utilizing areas of the tax code sometimes missed by many tax and financial advisors. Some of the unique and often eligible tax benefits we employ for our clients include well designed retirement plans such as defined benefit and cash balance plans, 401k solo and companywide 401k/profit sharing plans, application of ROTH IRAs when the opportunity exists, non-deductible IRAs, and ROTH Conversions.

We also will take advantage of Donor Advised Funds in conjunction with a ROTH conversion and highly appreciated assets. This approach helps to avoid capital gain, get a tax deduction for charitable giving and potentially take advantage of a ROTH conversion to reduce lifetime taxes.

If you're thinking of selling your business we can help to maximize the sale in the most tax efficient way. We will evaluate and consider maximizing the opportunity to net you the most after tax dollars either realized today or over time. We may implement strategies such as a Charitable Remainder Trust or installment sale techniques to take advantage of tax deferral and long term capital gain rates.

The last strategy and often miss understood are tax credits and grants offered by the federal and state governments to promote and spur your business. Some of these special tax opportunities and incentives include:

R&D Tax Credit - A state and federal tax credit for making new or improved products, processes, techniques, formulas, designs, inventions and software.

  • Industries that qualify:
    • Manufacturing (Heavy to Light)
    • Engineering
    • Architecture
    • Construction
    • Hi-Tech
    • Life Sciences/Biotech/Medical/Pharmaceutical
    • Agriculture
    • Food & Beverage
    • Software Design
    • Software Implementation (Any Industry)
    • Testing Labs
    • Many Others (Just ask us if you are unsure about the industry)
  • Saves US business more than $12Billion annually!

California Competes Tax Credit - The California Competes tax credit is for growing California businesses. Businesses expecting to increase headcount and/or make a capital investment in California qualify for the credit.

  • Industries that qualify:
    • Any Industry
  • Businesses compete for these tax credits 3 times per year (January, April, July) by asking for a percentage return on investment.
  • $200M available in the 2017-2018 fiscal year

California ETP Training Grants - Money for existing formal and informal training a business offers its employees.

  • Industries that qualify:
    • Any Industry
  • Compensation is up to $26 per hour regardless if an employee makes that much.
  • $90M available in 2017 fiscal year

We will work with you to provide a consistent ongoing tax plan integrated with your business or financial plan, that will give you confidence with the direction and vision of your business and personal after tax finances.

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